Pinebook Pro very low sound

My Pinebook Pro turned up today (16 march 2020) and I flashed Manjaro kde to the emmc.

Unfortunately the sound is very, very low and almost inaudible. Not sure whether this is a harware issue or a driver issue.

Using Manjaro 20.02.1 and have installed all updates.

Boosting sound beyond 100% doesn't help.

If anyone can suggest what to try, I'd be grateful.

Open up alsamixer in the terminal.
Press F6 and choose the "es" soundcard.
Turn up the volume there.


Yes please follow as @strit said in the above post.
and increase these bars shown in the below picture.

Do not increase both the bars to full, It can lead to audio tearing and might cause some damage to the speakers in a long run.

A big thank you to both you and @Strit!

Thanks a lot, I was also wondering why it got so low after re-installation!

New installations might have low sound. We don't turn up the volume much on purpose, because it can damage the speakers.

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Hi, any idea how I can do that for a bluetooth speaker? Configuring the es soundcard doesn't change anything.

I have had no problem connecting a bluetooth Bose speaker. It worked perfectly.

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I have tested the bluetooth sound on my earphones and it works flawlessly as it have Bluetooth-5.0.

Yes, the bluetooth speaker works perfectly but the volume is quite low (even when setting it to 150% through the GUI). Sorry for the confusion!

The answer is in this post.

You can increase the volume from alsamixer

I must be doing something incorrectly because alsamixer only affects the builtin speakers, not my bluetooth speakers.

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