Pinebook Pro: Type-C DP Alt Mode is missing a patch

The kernel is missing a patch to support the Type-C DP Alt Mode, now sure why it’s missing since the patch came from Manrajo it seems.

With the patch applied, I was able to use Type-C to HDMI cable and the cable can be inserted either ways.

Not gonna be useful for us, until it gets mainlined. We dropped maintaining our DP alt mode patches in 5.18.

Hey sorry for my newbie questions but @Strit do you have a rough idea when the DP-Alt mode will be fixed? Is it a matter of weeks? months?
I don’t fully understand how this will be fixed.
Is there any Github thread I can follow to get updates about this issue?

In the meantime @siyuan_nz could you please explain how to pass this patch ? Based on your post in September it was still working but I have no idea how to apply it.

Thanks for your answers guys.

I don’t. As far as I know, nobody is working getting these into upstream, which is why we dropped the patches.

The current iteration of the patches seem to be maintained by megi at his git repo GitHub - megous/linux: This is a mirror, main repo is at