Pinebook Pro: right side USB 2.0 dead on arrival?

Hi all. Are any Pinebook Pro users using the (right side) usb 2.0 port on their laptop? This one does not seem to work at all and has not worked since new. The usb-C port is working ok as is the (left side) usb 3.0 port.
For example my Raspberry Pi usb mouse will not work, nor any usb storage devices that I have tried. Is yours working? All the devices I have tried seem to work when plugged in to the usb 3.0 port. There are times the usb 2.0 port would be useful - especially for a mouse or additional storage device. Any ideas how to diagnose this?

I have used the USB 2.0 port on the right side plenty of times with a USB stick (and running Manjaro).
Get in touch with Pine64 for support or warranty.

Thanks for your response. Not sure what the problem is with mine. With the real-time journalctl -f running I do not get any log at all - nothing. The usb 3 port, on the other hand is recognized at per normal. I would like to take this to the Pine Forum. It must be a hardware problem.

Could it be a kernel problem How do we check for usb 2.0 drivers ?

Sounds like HW, Just be prepared to do some ground work yourself. The PineBook Pro is community hacker/enthusiast machine, so support is not bad…but limited, left mostly to you and the community. You might want to open up your PineBook and take a look at the solder joints to make sure all looks good and nothing obvious is wrong, and see if your USB cable connector is going in far enough to make good contact in the port. But yes, the Pine64, Pinebook Pro forum is your best bet. Lots of good and knowledgeable folks will be more than willing to help you out.

Ok - thanks.