Pinebook Pro new install with GNOME edition?

Hi community,

since last night I am a happy owner of a Pinbook Pro (well almost, as the Wifi network connection is unacceptable slow…) with the standard KDE install.

As an ARM systems beginner I have two questions:

  • is it possible and safe to re-install completely with the GNOME Manjaro ARM edition?
  • via the download + burn to USB procedure as in the x86 world??

Thanks for advice

The DE will not make a difference on Wifi network speed.

Those are usually caused by outside interference, like many other wifi devices communicating on the same wifi channel.

True, and the wifi issue is not the driver for my wish to change to GNOME but only because I am using it on all my other PCs.

For my second question: sorry, meanwhile found the answer in the wiki: no, booting from microSD card is the way to go here!