Pinebook Pro latest qt5-base-5.14.1-1 broke scaling


With latest update of QT5 packages, some elements got wrong scaling (see

) while some still shown fine. Anyone else got same problem?

This has been posted about multiple times ..
But so far no one has provided good info on how it occurred (and why only to them)
[so there are also a handful of 'workarunds' .. but I am not sure they are proper solutions .. or just further bad patches over bad settings]

So.... do you have hidpi ? Do you use KDE's 'scaling' option ? How have you set that ? Any other related settings ?

No, that's a FHD panel, scaling factor is set to 1x, most of the elements looks fine, but some elements seems to have 2x scaling. It just happened after the qt5-base upgrade from 5.14.0-3 to 5.14.1-1 and a reboot.

Look at this solution

Unfortunately it had no effect, but as far as I understood it's a problem with double scaling on plasma side or?

Yeah. Some scaling issues did occur with the latest qt5 5.14.1 packages.

It makes some of the Plasma desktop look really weird.

It came back in order for a few hours after the Plasma Integration patch.
And again some of the Widgets and Qt applications don't open anymore.
And the font size has become giant again.
I'm not too sure which thread to feed this information into.

Thanks for reporting.

For some reason, the package I made, got overwritten by the older "broken" package from ALARM again.

So put that in a blacklist and uploaded my fixed one again.
Should be available when the mirror syncs again.

Thank you!
I'll do that.

Edit : Works fine :slight_smile:

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