Pinebook Pro installation of "microsoft-edge-stable-bin" stops with error


on my Pinebook Pro any try to install/build (via pamac) of “microsoft-edge-beta-bin” stops with error message:

==> ERROR: microsoft-edge-beta-bin is not available for the 'aarch64' architecture.==> ERROR: microsoft-edge-beta-bin is not available for the 'aarch64' architecture.

Same with microsoft-edge-stable-bin.

Anything done wrong by me?? For me to understand: if a package is listed in the repositories it is supposed to work on that architecture, right?

Edge don’t exist from arm64 yet Arm64 linux support? · Issue #697 · MicrosoftEdge/Status · GitHub

If it is builded from AUR it isn’t the same things, can’t see that in a mirror (just checked last updated one Index of /manjaro/arm-stable/community/aarch64/) so I guess you tried to build from AUR, not your fault

In the AUR pkgbuild of microsoft-edge-beta-bin (made by @bittin ) there are some things to change, like for binary sources it should use source_x86_64=() instead of source=()

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