Pinebook Pro eMMC Installer?

What is the method to install ARM Plasma version onto eMMC nowadays? I see that there hasn’t been an eMMC Installer Image created since version 20.04. Has the process changed since then? Or should I just get that 20.04 version and update via pacman?

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Hi ho

Here for selfe-make-build’s

or downlod ? currently is 20.08

If you look at the 20.04 page, you’ll see specific emmc-installer images:

They don’t exist on the 20.08 or 20.06 pages:

The regular images are for booting from the SD Card; they don’t install the OS to the eMMC.

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ahh jear … i see … now :dizzy_face:

this maybe something for you?
Script for installing Manjaro ARM directly to internal eMMC cards from SDCard boot. (Mainly for the Pinebook / Pinebook Pro)

or this ?
Scripts for installing Manjaro ARM directly to SD/eMMC cards without the need for images

ohh … i see this :slight_smile:

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The method to install to eMMC’s have changed, in an effort to not have to maintain 2 separate images for each supported device and edition.

Read the release post for 20.08 again:

New application for flashing images

We have been working on a new GUI app to make it easy for users to flash a Manjaro ARM image on to an SD card or eMMC card.
Simply install manjaro-arm-flasher and launch the app “Manjaro ARM Flasher” from your menu. This will download and flash the image of your choice.
You can also manually run the application (if you are not running Manjaro ARM) by downloading this python script , make it executable with chmod +x manjaro-arm-flasher and then run it with sudo ./manjaro-arm-flasher . It requires python-blkinfo 0.1.3 to be installed, which can be installed with pip install blkinfo .
This software is still in early development and does not include all the features we want yet.


Thanks. So in a situation where my PBP is unable to boot from the internal eMMC because of a borked system, are these the correct steps I need to take to install 20.08:

  1. Flash a SD Card with the normal 20.08 image
  2. Boot from the SD Card and go through the install procedure. (I can’t figure out how to quit out of the installer that automatically starts at boot.)
  3. Boot from the SD Card normally and log in
  4. Install manjaro-arm-flasher and run
  5. Shut down, remove SD Card, then turn on PBP

Trying to make sure I’m not missing anything.

yes that sounds pretty good so far
happy new install :partying_face:

Or before:
You could try to manjaro-chroot -a (press 1) the installed emmc system repair?!

Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think manjaro-chroot exists on ARM.

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I’m so stupid **** soo easy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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