Pinebook Pro CUPS not installed properly

I’m trying to install CUPS to print.

The wiki seems out of date, as pamac install manjaro-printer
gives the error “Error: target not found: manjaro-printer”

I have re-installed libcups and rebooted.

I executed: sudo gpasswd -a yourusername sys

Trying to enable CUPS: sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service
Failed to enable unit: Unit file cups.service does not exist.

I also installed system-config-printer and cups-pk-helper.
I assume that activates the Settings > Printer Settings.
That one shows a window that it wants to start org.cups.cupsd.service, which seems to be out of date and can’t start CUPS either.

Any steps to get printing working?

The package manjaro-printer does not exist for Manjaro-ARM (yet?).

…that file comes from package cups.

Thanks. In the gui the package cups is listed as “Manage Printing (cups) CUPS Web Interface”, so I assumed that it was just the Web Interface. Perhaps I’m just as silly as Linus Sebastian. :wink:
But now I can start the service.

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