Pinebook Pro boots to black screen with cursor after crashing during arm-testing update

Yesterday I was performing a pacman update that had packages from the 11-3 to 11-16 arm-testing updates. My Pinebook Pro crashed during the update.

After restarting and logging in, I get stuck at the KDE progress bar for a longer than normal time, then it just drops to a black screen with a mouse pointer.

I was able to press CTRL+ALT+F2 to switch to tty2 and finish the package updates, but I still go onto a black screen after rebooting. How can I figure out whats causing KDE to not start now? Is there some packages that need to be re-installed?

Any help is appreciated!

Issue solved. I was also seeing ldconfig errors about files “is empty, not checked.” when using pacman. Apparently this is a sign of corrupt packages.

Using the output of pacman -Qkk, I force reinstalled all packages that said “no mtree file” and that fixed the ldconfig errors and the broken packages. KDE now logs in to my desktop again!

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Sounds like a partial update to me.
Glad you were able to solve it yourself.


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