Pinebook kernel compile howto?


Hi, I have a pinebook and I would to know how to compile my own kernel, but I have two problems:

1- I don’t know entire process to compile kernel for arm. I only did on x86 before. For example, U-boot and more stuff… I don’t have enough knowledge and resources for learn it.

2- Specific compile kernel method on Arch Linux, i’m n00b with is distro but I have strong experience on linux/bsd systems.

Any tips or advices please?


Manjaro ARM uses this kernel for the pinebook.
It’s compiled by cloning that repo on your Pinebook, cd into the folder and then running makepkg -sc.
Our kernel is a slightly modified version of anarsouls kernel.

Why would you want to compile your own kernel, btw?


Thanks for the info XD

KVM enable.

All test I did show not enable ;(

I don’t know if is enable by default.

If not, I would like to compile to do it.


I’m not sure it’s possible to use Virtualization on ARM…
You are welcome to try it out though.


Trying it with your recomendations and



It will ofcourse only work, if you build it on the device itself. :slight_smile:


While pinebook was compiling kernel y see that is enable by default with current one… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

manjaro@archlinux  ~  zgrep CONFIG_KVM /proc/config.gz

But I want to know kernel compiling process anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy compiling. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know if to make a grub env like x86 is possible on arm
I don’t want to make my system unbootable
any tips or suggestions?


Grub will not work on ARM.
ARM boards use special bootloaders. Most of them is some sort of uboot.
Using anything else, will result in a non-booting system.


Why a tested kernel isn’t on official manjaro arm repo?

Where I can ask for this feature?

I can do my own kernel, but will be great all users can get it.


What tested Arch Linux ARM kernel are you referring to?


enabling KVM on 4.20.0-1-MANJARO-ARM

I create it but I don’t test because I don’t know how to configure uboot correctly to start.

I don’t want to break laptop with a corrupt kernel boot and reinstall system.


Just use the uboot already on the Manjaro ARM image. Or does KVM require a specific uboot too?


It is possible :slight_smile:


Yep, I read these post before and for this reason I would like to enable KVM on my pinebook using manjaro.

I don’t want to use sd card every time I want to test a different distro for pinebook :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: