Pinch/scroll Lenovo Yoga C640 touchscreen

Just installed the latest version of Manjaro KDE with latest firmware

I can move window with my fingers by touching the screen but can’t scroll with one or 2 fingers or enlarge / reduce the screen by pinching my screen with my fingers as we do with a mobile phone or tablet.

Opensuse I just tried allowed me to scroll the Firefox window up and down with one finger, make it bigger and smaller with 2 fingers but the sound was not working LOL

So until now, Manjaro is my best distro until now for my Lenovo Yoga. If I could easily enlarge or make smaller FireFox caracters with my fingers on my touchscrren it would be cool

Any ideas ?

I just realized I can one finger scroll in Brave, I can also enlarge or reduce with 2 finger ( pinching etc)

But not in FireFox…


Open up a terminal and type in the following command: echo export MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 | sudo tee /etc/profile.d/ Then log in and out to apply the changes.


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