pin a most used folder to start menu (whisker) or to taskbar or anyway to make it easily accessible ?

manjaro xfce:
is there anyway to pin a most used folder to start menu (whisker) or to taskbar or anyway to make it easily accessible ?
i have to hide all opened windows just to access the most used 4 folders (which are on desktop (location is fixed due to syncthing , to change it is troublesome) ) ?


Maybe adding them to favorites tab on the menu? Search the folders using the menu, when them show up on the list, right click and add to favorites, then you can reorganize favorites tab to make them top of the list

how to search the folder using menu ? the menu search is only to search for installed program.

Is adding them to Thunar's side pane fine enough?
Otherwise you can manually create entries for the Whisker menu or panel launchers.

xfce menu search is not capable of searching folder.. at least not folder on desktop.
it is only able to search for installed programs.

Xfce has a Directory Menu panel item which you can effectively set as a shortcut to any folder.
I use a Directory Menu to a folder containing symlinks/shortcuts to my most used documents.

could you pls show me how to do that ?
there is nothing call Directory Menu

You can cretae a .desktop file in the ~/.local/share/applications/ directory (create that directory if it doesn't exist), so that it shows up in the Whisker menu.
Give the .desktop file an appropriate name and edit it using a text editor. An example for the content of the .desktop file is something like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Open Downloads
Comment=Open the Downloads directory
Exec=thunar /home/user_name/Downloads

In the above example I used Thunar to open the ~/Downloads directory, you can use whatever you want replacing the entries according to your choice.
Also, user_name is the name of your user in the system, which means that you'll have to change it accordingly.

In the Whisker menu search for Open Downloads and once you find it, add it to the Favorites section.

For more information about desktop entries, see here:

One method would be...
Right-click any free area on a panel...
Panel > Add New Items > Directory Menu
If it's not there, perhaps it needs to be installed as an extra Xfce plugin or goodie... I can't remember...

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