Pihole recorded many requests from ArchLinux every day!

Well the topic is a topic for its own. There are even guides to create your own endpoint. For whatever reason it can be http only …

I guess for connectivity checks it does not make sense to establish a secured connection. Either the host is answering or not. No need for encryption and doing tls hanshake for nothing.


I’ve just played around with it a bit and changed the connectivity check uri to some nonsense. Can’t see any difference whatsoever (disabled, enabled, nonsense url, all the same).
For me +1 to remove the check completely. That would at least avoid those “Why does it phone home / arch” queries.

That’s actually a good thing because http traffic is not encrypted and can therefore be inspected.
One won’t have to trust NetworkManager connectivity check to not tranfer some data - one can check and verify for oneself.

I just out of curiousity changed it to a URL on my server. Just wgeted the text file from arch onto my host… and it does indeed also work over https.

And all the routine does is check to access that URL - its also used for Hotspot detection, if it does not get the expected “NetworkManager is online” string from the textfile but anything else, gnome displays a full size window automatically which is intended for you to enter your hotspot credentials.

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