Pi blade servers? What?

Nvme native? What?



My MacBook M1 uses 32 arm cores and nvme - so I am not surprised :slight_smile:

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The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (which is based on the SoC that rpi4 is) have native PCIe bus, so you could get nvme’s to run on it.
So these kind of devices was just waiting to happen after the CM4 was released.


It’s a bit limited with the PCI Express slot. All though it could be in the kernel.

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CH CH CH CH chia money makers will be causing a shortage of pis soon I bet

Dammit :roll_eyes:

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Jeff Geerling is showing people how to build 16tb nas on YouTube out if raspberry pis. What else can you expect?

The PCIe slot on the Pi is a gen2 at x1 speed so don’t expect full performance for the nvme

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