PHP segmentation fault

This update broke my working os.

php -v

gives the answer:

segmentation fault (core dumped)

I had to restore via timeshift.
Switching to other kernels did not help

This is not much info to go about. Maybe open a support topic and add more details of the problem. Also we are still pushing packages to this update to fix known issues. php got updated from 8.2.5-1 to 8.2.6-1. Check if you have any python packages additionally installed, which might be now broken and need a rebuild.

I have an old version of php installed.
This is what the project I’m working on requires.

aur/php81 8.1.17-1 (+9 1.18) (Installed)

But I will try later on a virtual machine to install this latest version of manjaro and phpi81. To see if there is such an error there.

I just don’t know what’s involved. Is it something at the linux kernel level after the upgrade or is it a crooked php81.

I see no comments or changes made lately on that package. Also the regular package of php looks normal. You can try to rebuild the packages and see if that helps: AUR (en) - php81
This solved the problem.

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