Php couldn’t read intl after icu 68 update

I’m trying to force reinstall a package, but --force doesn’t work anymore. I saw --overwrite but it needs a path, is there a way to force install a package without explicitly telling a path?

You can use --overwrite "*"

Thanks! but I’m getting a couple of ldconfig: File <file> is empty, not checked. error messages.

Try to make the reinstall of that package trough Pamac UI then …


The system doesn’t boot so I can’t access it directly, I’m using a liveboot.

Classic XY Problem. What issue are you having with what package that you think this will solve?

I’m trying to downgrade icu from 68 to 67 because php74 couldn’t read intl after I updated the system.

That’s not a good idea. Many repo packages are built against the current version and will break if you do.

That’s an AUR package, rebuild it.

I’m using php v7.4 from the official repo, not from AUR. If I reinstalled it, it will be updated to 8.0.

You said php74, not php. You either need to update php or install php7.

It sounds like you’re not fully up to date. Partial updates are not supported and packages will break.

See PHP 8.0 and PHP 7 legacy packages are available

Solved it by installing icu67.

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