Philip & Bernhard on Destination Linux Podcast


I just connected with Bernhard on FB, i’ll add you too, but most of my friends are artist and very few get involved in Linux discussions, so be advised … haha
I’ll gather as much references i can and i try to dig more about other members too :smiley:


Nice share and finished watching. Nice to see & hear the great dev’s of Manjaro!
Commented on Youtube that "Rocket League is a Tool of the Devil"
and for Roco to get his butt to the forum here! :crazy_face:


LOL Good luck with that. I been telling him for about a month now to get back on Manjaro KDE/XFCE he’s scared that Manjaro KDE still wont install…I told him he wont have no issue’s now…


Yep gotta keep nagging maybe this Time? :roll_eyes:

On a positive note about how great Manjaro is and dev’s hard works being appreciated.
A 5min quick vid on latest 17.0.4


Philip and Bernhard are two awesome guys and it was really fun to talk to both of them.

And yes, I finally made it to the forums. :slight_smile:



But…But… What about Rocket League? :astonished:


Good to hear from you @BigDaddyLinux and welcome…
There is a thread to properly introduce yourself.

Great interview thanks… :wink:


@philm @oberon
How about a community pub when you come over to London?


Just want to thank Philip & Bernhard for their interview. It was so much fun talking with them and I am really glad to see Rocco finally join the forums. Now, where is that manual.

Thank you both!


As someone who watched that in its entirety, I now feel I have the right to bomb this thread with RTFM humor.



In all seriousness thanks for the thing. I enjoyed it.
(though it should be noted that one point went uncorrected - Manjaro no longer offers systemd-free versions)


Got to listen to the episode and I thought it was great.

I love how the manual thing came up, even though it’s a joke with a few decades on it’s back. :stuck_out_tongue:


@d7rk: We can do that. I’m in London from 11th till 14th of October and stay near Kings Cross.


“The greatest thing, for me, about linux is that it’s a bubble of collaboration and regardless of any political, religious or whatever, boundaries, borders we just talk to everybody without even knowing where they are from or what their belief system is or whatever and that’s just amazing. It’s really the way the whole world should function.”

Wow … didn’t expect to find one of life’s best quotes here. really is the way the world should function. really important stuff on this quote.

Especially when there are so many times political content on kde planet. Refreshing to read something so insightfull


I agree. So much so I even made a wallpaper out of it.


Great Interview @oberon @philm, I know this might get me banned from the forum but in my 4 years of using Manjaro I actually never read the manual, By the way I only live 1h way from London so if you guys doing the community pub thing let me know, It will be nice to grab a beer and meet you guys.



(not really)




You done that, it is AMAZING, my wife does illustration but shes not as good as you.


Sounds like a lot of fun :smiley:
For me either the 12th or the 13th should be possible. :slight_smile:


You can’t ban a man for not reading the manual because Manjaro is an automatic not a manual :smiley::smiley::smiley: