Philip & Bernhard on Destination Linux Podcast


This is a great Podcast with Bernhard & Philip talking about Manjaro and other things.

An interview with Philip MĂĽller

Great interview, good job! Bernhard’s and Philip’s english were really good and understandable (I didn’t expect that)! :stuck_out_tongue:

I left a comment on youtube too! Amazing quotes by @oberon at 1:03:34 (a bit simplified):

“The greatest thing, for me, about linux is that it’s a bubble of collaboration and regardless of any political religions or whatever, boundaries, borders we just talk to everybody without even knowing where they are from or what their belief system is or whatever and that’s just amazing. It’s really the way the whole world should function.”

"What impresses me everyday is, when the resources of people come together (even without any financial interest), what groups of people can achieve and how much we can do and how much expert and professional stuff can be when just enough people work together. That’s really amazing."

P.S. @muser maybe you should take these quotes and include them in a cool wallpaper with Benrhard’s face or something :laughing:

Manjaro wallpapers by muser (vol. 2)

And we forgot to mention the LXDE and bspwm Editions - boooh!


Hahaha no problem there are too many editions! No way to remember them all! :slight_smile:


Good timing on this post, been looking for a new podcast
I just unsubbed jupiter broadcasting after the very brief mention of Manjaro laptop was followed by snarky comments about Manjaro and XFCE.
Hadn’t been following their shows much anyway as quality of content and presentation seems to be declining and ex-hosts are doing better content


@muser YESSSSS!!! Thats a very good idea…@muser, get busy…LOL…just kidding…


This forum, Is BY FAR the best forum out there. Im still a rookie (just about 7 months or so) when it comes to Linux. I hopped all over before settling on Manjaro. Out of about 5 other forums I joined, This one is by far the best caring people I have come across, With that said, I thank everyone on this forum for all the help I have received .


It might be a little wordy for a wallpaper and Bernhard might have something to say about using his face on one, but I’ll see what I can come up with… :grin:


Bernard seems to be a very easy going kinda guy. I think he would be fine with it…LOL


Im glad some are enjoying this post. BigDaddyLinux on youtube has a great channel. He does lots of things for Linux not just Manjaro but Linux in general. His Destination Linux Podcast every week is a great show.


A normal foto would be really boring - we should maybe ask @bogdancovaciu do some cosmetics … … :blush:


Hey Bernhard,

I had to stop a few times the video with the interview (some home tasks i had to do), but i watched it finally. Awesome guys!
Really enjoyed the format, the questions and the replies.
Gather some natural, clear and representative pictures with each member of the team (official and community) and let’s make something fun!
This is made with some caricatures back in 2013, maybe now i can do better but with Manjaro Team :smiley:
No worries will have them also separate, for each of you.


Wooooooooow, really?? That would be TOTALLY AWESOME!!
I’ll send you some pics immediately :smiley:


Haven’t heard the new episode yet, but looking forward to it!


With you was not very hard to find :smiley: but to be honest i didn’t manage to find the time to dig about all of you. Your page is in my bookmarks and needs my attention for quite some time. I’ll get to it again soon.


Maybe it was good that bspwm edition did not get mentioned - it’s been quite a while since the last iso was released.


A bit off topic, but if you want, I could help you creating and maintaining bspwm ISOs starting from the next 17.1 release. It would be nice working together. Of course you would do the most work and maintaining the configurations and the iso-profiles (which you already do, so it shouldn’t be much additional work for you) and I could build the ISOs, upload them and help with bugs and community feedback (it will be easier for me at 17.1 release since we are dropping 32bit and so I won’t have to build many ISOs).


That would be nice, thanks. I have currently some issues building isos, and it is difficult to find enough consecutive time to sort them out. The profile itself should be ripe for building.


With x64 as only architecture it will be much easier.

@bogdancovaciu: would be nice to have one of your nice artwork :wink:


Oh my yes. New avatars! :smiley: