Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


I’m patiently waiting for the new OS/2 Warp release to make the switch :grinning:


I guess it’s really hard to reply “It’s just an April Fool’s joke, relax!” to those people.


They use to tell such customers "You get a 50% discount on the next month’s license fee. :smiley: "


Yikes! Imagine what the ping times on that server will be.


“They would be fooled if no one explained to them that it was April Fool joke.”

Sorry to say this, but then you don’t understand the concept of April 1st. The funny part is when the joke is revealed and you see the stupid look on people’s faces: how could this have happened to me? Some try to keep up appearances by explaining they thought about it being a joke, so as if they knew it already.

I say again: people should accept the fact they were fooled, carry the burden and move on. It’s a joke for crying out loud, not everything in life is serious.


My guess is you maybe didn’t quite understand me. Anyway, it does not matter that much, I’m out :slight_smile:


Well played, sir! Well played, indeed!



Multicultural environment is one of the strengths but also biggest drawbacks of internet. This is actually pretty tame as far as april fools’ day jokes go. This year Finnish evengelical Lutheran church announced a major organizational overhaul, but nobody took it seriously because of the date. This kind of stuff is regularly done by major newspapers and goverment officials. They toned it down this year though, because fake news have become widespread enough to be a problem. I can relate how misinformation from official information channels might not feel funny in America these days.


What a classic thread.

Very obvious this was an April Fool’s “announcement”, and a pretty transparent one at that, but what was infinitely funnier was all the humourless grumpy old [fatherless children] throwing their toys out of the cot. LOL.

I wonder if I will ever get this miserable and grumpy in my old age?


I think this is a valid point to consider. While in many countries this perfectly fine form of humor (and done by everyone, also officials and companies that are taken seriously usually. This year finnish police had an announcement they would start training police hogs in addition to police dogs), manjaro has grown to the point where major portions of the user base cannot be expected to understand it.

On the other hand, it is problematic if communication needs to be limited to the lowest common denominator between cultures. Do cultural differences justify censorship of traditions of other cultures?

The world has gotten quite small these days, but this has not brought cultures closer to understanding each other.


Now that is funny.

Maybe if they find lots of truffles Finland’s crazy speeding fines can be reduced a little :wink: .


I don’t think they are crazy, they just scale with the income. You need to be quite rich to get those 54 000€ speeding tickets…

It just makes sense from the point of retributive justice. 100€ is nothing for someone who makes millions a year. Although the actual reason behind is probably pragmatic: we need to collect a lot of money to keep society running. It’s a country size if Germany with population of Saint Petersburg. A big country with long roads, with few people to pay for their upkeep.


As I’ve previously mentioned in this thread - I grew up with April Fools Day, so this thread was not a problem for me re. identifying that it was intended humor, all about stirring up who it could. As April Fools Day tricks do. :slight_smile:

I do know people from other cultures (not here, but in person) & I have learned by association that things that people take for granted as a part of their culture & consider to be really easy to see & understand, are not necessarily easy to spot for people who grew up in an very different culture. Even though such people are inherently quite clever & skilled.

I think the saddest thing about this thread is that it has exposed some to be quite narrow minded & without compassion, or appreciation for those that are different from themselves. (not that they see it that way themselves of course)


Google announced here Google Wind:

Climate control through motorized old wind mills.

It’s genius :joy:


@handy, normally I would totally agree with your sentiments, but in this particular instance we will have to agree to disagree. I have travelled extensively during my time on our little shared space rock, over 130 different countries, so am no stranger to attempted humour being lost in translation, cultural or language. My viewpoint is based on the many people I’ve met over the years and their attitude to misunderstood, non malicious attempted humour.

My wish about not wanting to become a miserable grumpy old person still holds though… assuming I live that long.

@Chrysostomus, I was being facetious with the truffle comment, I actually like the scaled speeding fine system. Definitely makes people think twice about breaking the speed limit. If it also applied to parking fines I would be less understanding though…


Speaking from experience, nothing’s going to ruffle you, gets entertained by the nonsense around you and perhaps a little nastier (mischievous to put it politely) while enjoying it all. :grin:
As they say, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

But the many dogs in my life do get grumpier as they age.


My grandson and I have a walk and talk in nature by the river, catch lizards, fish, whatever. Later maybe check a junk store ( great objects of discourse!). Then home for ice cream, chocolate and yes the internet. His parents lack the time, and I think a bit of sugar and chocolate adds to life. Mischievous, every chance I get! :laughing:


Sounds like a good life. and that’s the stuff that really matters in life.
Oh, and sometimes the grown up children gets a little jealous why we didn’t treat them the same way we treat their children now. Of course, we also lack the time back then.



Cats in the cradel? Naw, my son and I never did yard work. We did not wast Saturdays, Sundays, or a few unimportant schooldays. He’s doing fine.

Just a mater of priorities …