Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


April Fools day is really easy to handle for those of us that grew up with it.

For those from different countries/cultures that don’t have April Fools day, it has to be a totally alien thing.

I can see how such April Fools pranks as the one in the OP of this thread could really be taken seriously & damage a person’s view of Manjaro (or whatever other project that has done such a thing - & there would’ve been a LOT of them on April 1st).

I guess that this is an example of the effect of the internet on broadening the outlook of various cultures around the world. Which is certainly not a bad thing, though there will be the occasional growing pain when different member cell’s have to adapt to the silliness of his neighbor. :wink:


Anyone into computers enough to be installing Manjaro has been around long enough to know that April Fools trolling on the internet goes with the territory.
People don’t trip over a Windows bug and fall into linux in 5 minutes flat.

“Methinks thou dost protest too much”.


@jsamyth I wasn’t protesting. :slight_smile:

What I was doing was trying to look at the situation from the point of view of someone who comes from a different culture, one that doesn’t have April Fools Day (imagine that, they exist!), they may also have a different native tongue than english (I know, I know), & it goes on…

Also, you can “think” that you really do know who is capable of installing & using Manjaro & how much Linux experience they need to have, & what they look at on the internet. I don’t.

For me, you make too many generalizations & take them for granted…

That’s OK, I see things differently. :wink:


Not on the 1st of April. Just send them the Wikipedia link to the April Fool’s day if they don’t know. Simple.


Hey team, I’m sorry to tell that, we have to cancel Mondays meeting. I simply realized that everybody is still there were he was and we actually managed to keep it alive the whole day. Thx for spinning the story to the next level and stay tuned for next years joke. Maybe we open a branch on Mars :smile_cat:


Manjaro should be at least the operating system of the next mars rover which will be called “lucky look” most likely.


If you open a branch on Mars I am leaving Manjaro for good and buying a Mac. This is not the time to abandon Earth. We need the jobs here, not on Mars.

If that is an April Fools joke it is not funny. I love Earth.


Not the best choices though for rambling in a forum. But alas they surely need active participants


Marsjaro! :slight_smile:


There is a 20 km high volcano on Mars. Will Roland try to climb on it?


It’s Space Invaders and I have also seen either on New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve :slight_smile:


Everyone does that on April 1st. Even big companies do it. So, chill.


But big companies pay tech support for answering questions of concerned users. Manjaro doesn’t pay Lend27.


Very sad. Will switch to Windows though.#joke



Harsh? Sure, but why not? People who can’t stand that they have been fooled simply deserve that. If you take these kinds of actions immediately when you read a message you don’t like (and don’t get) then what else should I write?
Come on people, you have been fooled, accept it, laugh about it and continue, move on. Manjaro is still great and will always be great. Let the devs have their joke once a year.
Write the date in your calendar so you are prepared for next year, should you otherwise forget about it.


simply install and use “libfaketime”. it fakes the system time for anything you want.

this is a great way to enjoy april fool jokes all year long.


Handy totally agree here In Peru they don’t have April fools day, Xmas is on Xmas eve, mothers day is in May, they do have a workers day, and the day of the dead, and many other public holidays not in the UK/EU calender,


It is not even that. They would be fooled if no one explained to them that it was April Fool joke. (and that should be OK too) But there were plenty of explanations and links to wiki and some would still gripe and be overly unhappy…


Now this is a rare situation - one could think a lot of mirror-providers was reading this thread and as of this post only 5 or 6 mirrors was up-to-date.


There is a saying in Turkey. “There are some reality under every joke.” It shows us how people react if this happen :joy: