Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


I may be wrong but to me you come across like some angry parent scolding your kids.

This hard working Manjaro developers that unselfishly donate most of their free time for Manjaro (and for us!) if they wish to break their constant work with a little fun, who are we to criticize them for that?

I checked your posting history. I don’t see you helping much. You do not shy away from asking for help. Even if you are beginner, as long as you have been here, I’m sure you know much more than someone just entering Linux and Manjaro world and yes, you too could help.

Instead you being harsh and upset about hard working people have a little fun, maybe you could rather focus your thoughts how you can help Manjaro?

It is my experience generally through life, that biggest and most vocal critics are often takers not givers.


Did you have a look at Distrowatch today? There is a new number 1. This means, Manjaro fell to the 4th place. :scream:



Our New Delhi branch is already working on some updated video tutorials for legacy hardware. The first draft on Jaguar Board has just been released for review today - @philm I can do the Tyrolean voice-over only in a week or so, I’m afraid, I’m still busy fixing Man-Arm-Architect …


I arrived right now after a travel on the Lake of Garda, a pizza, ehmm… beer too. Ok, “I drunk too much!”, this has been my first thought, while reading the post. After that I remember that today is April the 1th.

Mmmmm, tomorrow will be rainy, no lake, so I’ll take some time searching for another Arch based distribution :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :rolling_eyes:

Tomorrow… :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, and this has even come up in another thread, it shows a more realistic picture if all the desktop environments Ubuntu comes with are aggregated.


Yesss, I always knew that it is important to have the right friends! :champagne:





Yeah, @AlManja it’s so good to know that support is now in good professional hands. It will help a lot to be finally able to concentrate on what really matters … :beers:


It looks like they combined Ubuntu, xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.


I think it was a humorous remark. :wink:
Anyway, anybody can complain. (This won’t change Philip’s mind, though.)


Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong.
I am retired and actually work full time helping people make the move to Linux.
I am and always have been a big proponent of Arch and Manjaro in particular.
How are we ever going to broaden the appeal of Linux in general, when even the devs don’t take what they publish seriously.
Sorry, but I still don’t get the humor in putting out false information on a distro, especially when people will read it and maybe not get the joke.
Even though you might not see me here answering questions, that doesn’t mean I don’t help the general Linux community.
I even did a series helping people specifically move from Windows to Manjaro.
I have helped several THOUSAND people move to Linux/Manjaro.
That’s how I spend my days.
Sorry if I don’t get here very often.


Well in this case my apology. I was going by information I had (activity here)


@lend27, I think humor can be a sensitive topic. Not only every tradition and mentality, every individual will perceive differently what they find funny, upsetting, insulting… In any case, everybody needs a day off!
I have even sung a reconstruction of a medieval parody mass once, that used to be performed by monks once a year with the Latin text completely twisted and making fun of what most people would just call blasphemy… My theory is that it just might have given them a lot of fresh energy for what they did for all the rest of the year.


I like to think I have a sense of humor also. :slight_smile:
But if I help people make the move to Manjaro, and they see that announcement and become confused, they call me for guidance. So I just said, “They are only fooling around, don’t take it seriously”.
Then they say " How do I know when to take them seriously?".
It complicates things. And Linux needs positive reinforcement.
But I have already spent too much time on this.
Let’s just move on and try to make Linux/Manjaro accessible to more users.
Thanks Oberon :slight_smile:


Hey, it’s already April 2nd and Manjaro stil runs. On a new install everything is fine, too. Mirrors are there, even got an update ntp-4.2.8.p10-1


Oh, seems I missed the python post and it has already been removed :frowning: What was it?


@oberon I think that was the point - simple string replacement (or a least I hope I geddit :smiley: )


haha. “gedit”. :smirk:


Not really huge April fool joke but anyway, request for help with this script:

I would like to load into my computers memory that database that collects all of the data from all over the world and store it into server farms somewhere in Nevada.Then I would like to simple cycle through it (shouldn’t be that hard imho) and every time, that my data is find, I would like to replace it with empty string. (" ") That’s it.

Simple project but I’m not sure where to start.

Edit: ahh I have an additional request. For every buddy that already sent me 50 to 100 bucks I would like to do the same for them also.:wink: