Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


Oh yeah so was Sidux. Look how that distro imploded just saying. Linux been hecka of ride for me.


I agree. Not funny.
Especially since it was started by a Manjaro rep.
I would hope that an operating system that we rely on every day and consider very important, would not be used as comic relief. Not something I would expect from Manjaro.
Let’s hope this is an isolated instance.
Manjaro, if you really want to be taken seriously, stop joking around with your product.


quite nice


Shame you have the waster paper basket on the desktop. Do you use that? I always delete with shift-delete, bypassing the basket. Yes, I know, gone is gone, but to put stuff which I want to delete in the basket seems a waste of space on my disks.
The picture is great. Made it yourself?


I have no shame - copied it from somewhere :slight_smile:


this wallpaper is superb . pls share the url to download this


The image is from raspberrypi pixel edition


what waste basket :smirk_cat:


I’ll never understand why some people threaten to drop a distro, like their use of it (for free) is doing everyone else a favor. If you want to drop a great operating system because you don’t have a sense of humor, that’s your loss.

Please don’t let the grumps push the fun out. No matter what you think is funny, it’s great that folks here are trying to have fun.


…and I never thought I would return to Windows 10 :joy::joy::joy:


what’s the problem, there is win 10 now…


Honestly, if making such announcements is enough to weed out the old and grumpy (and not-so-clever) users… You should make more announcements like this one!

But anyway, it’s ultimately their loss. Let them wallow in their own self-righteousness. We like laughing and don’t need party poopers!

My own reaction was: “Well, my Pentium M laptop is so damn old anyway,” thinking this was about hardware limited to 32 bit. But when I read about ARM being the future, I was like: I’ve now spent half the weekend thinking about how closed the ARM scene is compared to the x86 scene. There’s no way that is possible, especially on an April Fool’s Day.


We love old, grumpy users with no sense of humour at Manjaro community! :older_man::older_woman:
And it is an obvious truth that there is no such thing as a not-so-clever Manjaro user, otherwise he wouldn’t use Manjaro. :spy:


I’m not upset, but I am gone. Installed “another” arch distro and am inside it as we speak. Thank you for everyone’s help while I was here. Thanks @Handie and @Photon and all the great people who were of immense help while I migrated from SolydXK to the Arch family. You won’t be forgotten.


Did anyone try to use darktable today btw?


Or maybe I just have a virus … :wink: ?
Anyway, mine does this - we shall see if tomorrow it will look as I am used to…


Indeed, dammit! I just wanted to try to figure out how this game works and now it’s CET 00:03 and darktable just looks like, well… darktable, beh :frowning: I was too slow!


but … gone.


Awesome catch though. I was sitting here wishing I could just install darktable real quick to find out :smiley:


I really appreciate that the Manjaro devs had the time and energy for a good April fool’s joke. And for the sour people out there: come on, lighten up, don’t take yourselves so seriously!