Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


Good planning is everything!


I’m assuming you got two spare, since clusters works best in groups multiplied by 4…


May I again refer you to the wikipedia -'_Day that much for millenial thing.

Sure, salute as much as you like Yankee - keep it classy


Look, I don’t know of this is an April Fools joke or not. I don’t have time for it.

This is a major deal if it’s true, and if it’s not then it’s a crappy joke which is not at all funny. It doesn’t sound like a joke.

I am a newbie to Manjaro and have been a recently active participant in this forum, but I have 4 more days before I have to go back to work. Just enough time to successfully migrate to Antergos or Apricity and get it set up. I just want a stable OS for my desktop computer. People will continue to use desktop computers, and not all desktop computers will be ARM.

Sadly, this is probably the last message I will write inside Manjaro, unless from a virtual box.


There is just no proper appreciation for April Fools day any more. Maybe testament of times, to many things to worry in modern days, to have luxury of some extra fun…

I do hope that ARM get some help though…

One of Aprils Fool posts that got completely ignored:


How do I backup the core system and home setting for my current lxde for later transfer to other distro would be essential like wiki/video tutorial/doc for each variant and community version.

I want to keep the magic behind fast and user friendly system setting using lxde on arch, since I got no money to buy new hardware any time soon.


Yes, fast indeed. It is 128 bit infrastructure.


Yes, especially when combined with tilting the device triggers tilling effect!


For just one moment, I believed that!
You are so evil, you want cause to me an heart-attack!
This wasn’t a funny joke…:stuck_out_tongue:


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I’m inside my phone now as my desktop is installing Antergos. That’s not a joke.

If this announcement is a joke I’m not laughing. Jokes should make everybody laugh. I’m too old to waste time.


LOL, funny!


Yeah this is Sad News I really love Manjaro for PC. Oh well looks like I go distro hopping again or just build Arch linux again from scratch. Thanks for the Heads up I guess. Might go back to Debian again which is pretty well familiar territory for me. I used to package stuff for debian distro.


I’m old also. But I’m laughing. We are sometimes just too serious and we sometimes forget how beneficiary smiling is.

We should be smiling more. :slight_smile:


Honestly, if you get upset about this… It’s April Fool’s day… It’s tradition. And for those saying they are already installing something else… Wow! Premature much? Even if this announcement were true, why the hell would you go and immediately install another distro?


I am not yet until find out if it just a joke or not.


Some are simple playing along. I’m hoping all reinstalling and angry responses are just playing along :wink:


…you can trust us, we are germans :innocent:

you can try gobuntu


Well I sure hope Manjaro ARM will do better than Raspbian. I put raspbian on my Intel i7 that has 4 cores and I could swear than not even one full core is working, maybe half of it. Maybe… total underpeformance :frowning:


I sincerely hope that is the case. :joy: