Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


If you ask me, this topic is not really a good base to make an april’s fool out of it.
It goes to the very essential working of the repos and on what cpu packages work.

i686 is definitely not a joke to be phased out, but x86_64, I hope it is.


i686 is dropped by upstream arch, so phasing that out just makes sense. x86_64, not so much. Would be cool if the increased support for ARM turns out to be true.


what’s ARM??:grin:


hope it’s just a prank. For a moment felt like I have been dumped by Manjaro. :heart_eyes: :imp: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rage::scream:


great to see this as an official announcement!

philm and oberon have already talked about this in the internal forum and we promised to not leak it. they wanted the opportunity to announce it themselves.

i have already bought a raspberry pie 3 in order to start testing. i am not certain, whether manjaro lxqt can be ported to ARMv8, but i am already using lxqt with kwin. this is a good beginning.
the next stable release of qt will fix a bug and wayland will start to work again. then, i can start to test lxqt + kwin on wayland.
if this works, lxqt + kwin + wayland should work on ARM as a light-weight version of “plasma mobile”.

edit: for everybody not knowing plasma mobile: it is basically a working KDE desktop (based on kwin + wayland) for devices with any screen size and it is already working on ARM devices. give it a test run, if you are interested in experimenting with your smart phone (or other ARM devices)!


I keep up on several other distros. Manjaro is not my first distro to use. So, if this is some stupid child-like prank, here in the USA, we have a one finger salute and a big F U for you. I am working on a big project that is serious not some game. I have worked with big data most of my career so Debian is probably my first choice. Now I am starting to back up my stuff.


This is April Fools’ Day


What are the chances that there will be an i3 community release for ARM platforms?


Finally. x86 is a terribly bloated and inefficient architecture and has a well-deserved place in the dustbin of technological history. Long live our new ARM overlords!


Hey Yankee - we know that salute as well - so wish you a good one. I salute you :stuck_out_tongue:

But for your way out I have a reading exercise for you.'_Day

Just do not get to angry about it - take a deep breath and check on the 2nd of April who all hoaxed you :wink:


I works great - the pi3 - requires some work regarding the tools - but it will come :slight_smile:


See, this is the only deal breaker for me. I never really liked KDE and i don’t think i wanna run it on my rpi 3. OTOH i need to finish tuning that arch install i had going there and maybe get some bigger microSD cards. I suppose i could test it and see how it goes.

Also how about a Manjaro IOT sort of thing, huh? Manjaro powered house anyone? @philm i think this could be worth looking into :wink:


well, please keep in mind that ARM is only a mid-term solution. long term, i hope for risk-v as an open source CPU architecture. it is not practical yet, but it is developing fast…


A tiling WM would be awesome on a mobile device!


I it so easy to get a raspi run with an external harddrive. Then it is only a matter of the boot image and that changes so rarely.


Hell yeah!

Also part of the plan. I could serve all my media from there, and run it as desktop.


I dont know if you heard, but all the major cpu manufacturers just anounced, that they will be droping linux support in general. HYPE !


Yeah, I know. funny funny. So childish and immature. Such a millenial thing. In Vietnam, they have a different salute. I salute you back.


Look at his face when he announces this, so serious. But on the inside he is giggling.