Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


April 1st?


As I told you before. We are really sorry not to disclose more as we already did. October is not so far my friend.


Almost funny, I was just about to download xfce version again, but the experience I got in here made my blood pressure jump.


april, april :grin:


You’ll be surprised :slight_smile: I got an invitation to Munich.


I hope there is a serious chipmaker involved and not crappy AllWinner SoC


I propose a release date of 29/2/2018, which will give us nearly a year to iron out the bugs…

Have pried the i5 off my motherboard (it only had 2 cores), but am struggling to fit the octo-core arm chip, into the holes, hope we will be getting a tutorial soon. Will have to stick the i5 back in.


And Josh Crowder in his February post: “As much as I wanted to see this project take off, it just does not have the user base that we had hoped for.”


Astonishing April (2017) Screenshots

I really hope


Damn, it is all a hoax, thank god for gaff tape, I got my processor back in, only a couple of bent pins.


What desktop environments will be available from October 2017.
With x86_64 also phased out all DE projects would also be unsupported??


We will be able to run Manjaro XFCE / KDE / Mate / Cinnamon / Gnome / Deepin / i3 etc… on ARM based devices as we do today on x86 and x86_64


@rahulprabhakar it may be a European thing only? but 1st April is a day for practical jokes.


I just got rid of my 32 bit netbook for a x64 i5 laptop due to a similar Arch announcement, end of 32 bit support. What sad news to wake up to! Now I need to start researching ARM emulation on x64, don’t want to upgrade.yet again! Love Manjaro!


Doesn’t appear to be April’s fool.


I am downloading a pirated copy of Windblows 10 as I type…:sunglasses:
Can’t wait to update my a-v program…it’s been so long since I had that opportunity.:heart_eyes:

Best regards.


@philm Just keep the repos up in github or create a new account for x86 only but do not drop all the good work! Some one(s) may volunteer to continue supporting x86 :slight_smile:


@xircon Ru sure this is just April Fool’s Day prank and not a real phase out. It sure did make me feel so sad or shud we :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


We will see tomorrow for certrain.


No man, it is actually going… Do you know how many more ARM devices there are in the world? People who don’t own basic computers carry one around… even in the most rural places. It has also been discovered that lots of server operations are more efficiently done with ARM clusters. High Performance Computing has known that for a while too.

So you see, Manjaro being a rolling release distro, should, and is rightly one of the first to get on the bandwagon of pure ARM support. Focusing on it will enable us to have a better ARM experience than other distros and we can leave them all behind.

I am typing this from my x86_64 laptop, as I walk to the electronics recycling bin… it will not be missed. (Sooo excited!! I just ordered 42 RaspberryPis for my mini cluster !!!)