Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


Where can we donate millions to you to support that project?


Actually…this is a good idea…


Sometimes it’s hard to realize that you just need to move on with technologies. For me as a team member it is especially sad to know that I will not be able to use Manjaro any more on my home PC in the near future already. I really liked Manjaro Deepin version better than the Debian based one. Now it looks like this will have be the daily driver for me on my desktop machine.


Hey Bernhard. Yes Deepin was your baby. However you also told our new partners that something similar needs to happen. Otherwise you won’t agree. Given the fact that we have a talk in design we found common ground in the end. Yesterday I just talked to one of our new engineers. He found a way to port Deepin to ARM8. I simply missed to tell you as you were in meetings cos of talks for new employees.


Excellent news!!
Finally, my long time developed ARM special boot manager will be a fine contribution to this. One could easily choose between several installations to boot in, even to an OTG connected iso. I will push it to github shortly.


Is it April Fool’s joke?


No. This is real. Here a pic from our new office in Munich.


No, ARM is the future of computing, every year about 1 billion of ARM powered devices being sold and it’s increasing


Yes, is a more big project … equal the concept of apple to use i-phone how pc … in the future for use a pc you only need a monitor and hub-usb then you insert the phone in the dock and you have manjaro how pc :wink:


Good, I hope I will have a good one when transfering to IBM office in Milan, now I’m working from home.


Well, it would be not bad for you to provide a migration instruction for inexperienced users to the ArchLinux or another similar distribution.


@Ste74, how was your flight to Munich. Monday sharp at 08:00 CEST we have the launch meeting for the product portfolio. Hope you find the hotel I selected for you fine. Enjoy your weekend and don’t work so much. We can do this relaxed after the meeting. Also we have to discuss some more details as we already talked on the phone.


And the people are crazy enought o buy a new device every year even though the old one is still working. Such economies of scale make big progress possible.


@eugen-b Exactly Eugen. It was one of your ideas to go this way. Thx for that. Since you come by train and it will take longer to reach our office, don’t worry. We will record the sessions so you may watch them later. Don’t forget to bring the things we talked about. Thx.


:money_with_wings: World is about money. We go where the money is. :money_with_wings:


Hugo, when do you reach Munich? Maybe we can plan some things before we start working on the project.


I hope I’ll be there in about one week. For sure, I’m happy to be part of this project.


Don’t worry all is ok … easy to find hotel… and my draft is ready :slight_smile:


The S8 will only go out in October, manjaro is the cause?