Phasing out x86 architecture support in general


Some of our users clearly need to get their Sense of Humor upgraded.



sudo pacman -S sense-of-humour --needed

May be the problem - perhaps it was not installed by default, so therefore cannot upgrade :smiley: :smiley:


@Chrysostomus and now for the (how the hell do I get the Euro symbol?, oh well not going to need it, we are now effectively out of the EU :smiley: ) 54,000 euro question…

“Exactly how fast were you going?”

The problem with the euro key is probably down to i3 - I have configured the hell out of my keyboard especially the 1 - 4 keys



On a serious note, never, ever use

sudo pacman -S sense-of-humour --force

For a system without sense-of-humour, this is very dangerous, and could leave said system in a very unstable state.


Also, as males get older their testosterone levels decrease, this does tend to make them better with their grandchildren than they were with their own kids. (there are some other variables in there too - like experience, but the testosterone thing is apparently a scientific reality)

Whatever it is, I know I’m much better with the grand-kids than with the kids… ?


:smiley: And never use the funniest joke in the world, a joke so deadly:

PS Don’t mention the war, I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it :smiley:



Does joke warfare work on sense-of-humour less systems?

I prefer slapping such systems in the face with a wet fish.


In finnish keyboard it is alt_gr plus e. On the SwiftKey keyboard I use on my android it is long pressing e.

It was 123 km/h in an 80 km/h zone, so pretty bad. The punishment was 22 "päiväsakkoa. On regular persons salary that would be like 535€. The fines were reduced to 5000€ though, because he could prove that the income it was based on was temporary. To get that 5000€ fine you need to make a bit over 14000€ a month.


€€€€€€€ I had bound all the modifier keys in an i3 frenzy :smiley: Have unbound alt-gr

UK = alt-gr+4


Nice! Here’s another one from the same singer.




ups, deleting should read whole thread first, @sueridgepipe already added –force flag at humor upgrade :grinning:


Now s.o. has to write the output of
pacman -Si sense-of-humour


“Cat’s in the Cradle” is by Harry Chapin…“Father and Son” is by Cat Stevens. Both are absolute classics.:relaxed:

Best regards.


This was so overdue! The x86 platform as well as the desktop paradigm has been dead and on life support for years.

Good, that you guys finally drop it and concentrate on where the money is: Mobile.

So glad I own Manjaro shares! Thanks.


Sir, there is a lot I relate to in that one!


The April Fools joke fooled me completely, because agreed, a (i3/Manjaro for example) tiling window manager would be especially well-suited for dealing with orientation switching of a mobile device. For example with a non-tiling window manager, where do you put overlapping, oddly-sized windows in relation to each other when all windows are floating?

But with a tiling window manager with two tiles split horizontally on a vertical device, there would not be too much innovative coding needed to, at least in that simple case, switch to two windows split vertically on a device rotated by the user to a horizontal orientation. OK do not want to steer off topic further.


Seems my post was retweeted and reposted on some other sites, which took my announcement seriously.


What to do? There will always be stupid people :disappointed: All we can do is ignore!


You love my kind of music these are classics.