Phasing out x86 architecture support in general

Got a lot of arm devices - so probably be around but my main boxes are Intel based so as such I have to switch to pure Arch.

For the team I am happy they may even make a living of Manjaro :slight_smile: though it require them to concentrate on ARM. I look forward to see the concept :slight_smile:

Can we know which vendor we should support :slight_smile: ?

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Philip writes

For my x86 boxes I will migrate to which needs less maintanance. Antergos seems a good choice since I don’t want to install Arch manually.

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I read the announcement 10 times… then I realized… :joy:


Frede, please read up the Staff memo you find in our Staff section. Since we launch in October and we keep our philosophy not to announce anything before production launch, we only communicate it internally in our meetings. You may visit our headquarters in Munich some time. Then we can also discuss further details if you like.


Yessss unfortunally gnome edition comes out in the wrong period… the 17.0.1 is the last edition … after will be maintained by volunteers :sweat:

You need to fix this bug then as soon as possible


I heard a rumor that the hardware company will be going out of business shortly…


It needs to be mentioned that this kind of progress would not be possible without all the generous donation by our communty. As we see here the money is not wasted on Manjaro. I’m gonna donate some more this month.


I’m glad to announce that I have joined IBM this week as assistant software engineer to porting Manjaro to the upcoming POWER9 architecture, which will avaible later this year.

More Info about:

It is expected to port packages-core by the and of May and to boot a complete graphical enviroment on real hardware by September.

As you may know IBM’s System Z is supported by Suse, Ubuntu and Red Hat. Since Power9 is a new architecture they have decided to avoid errors made in the past like get stuck with fixed release OS and switch to a more user friendly software and scalable OS like Manjaro.

Someone may also rembember the Talos Workstation but this is on a superior level, Talos was planned by an inexperienced and poorly funded startup while IBM does real things.

by the way, backporting to older architectures in not on the roadmap, so if you have a Power7 or Power8 system it will not be supported.


Where can we donate millions to you to support that project?

Actually…this is a good idea…

Sometimes it’s hard to realize that you just need to move on with technologies. For me as a team member it is especially sad to know that I will not be able to use Manjaro any more on my home PC in the near future already. I really liked Manjaro Deepin version better than the Debian based one. Now it looks like this will have be the daily driver for me on my desktop machine.


Hey Bernhard. Yes Deepin was your baby. However you also told our new partners that something similar needs to happen. Otherwise you won’t agree. Given the fact that we have a talk in design we found common ground in the end. Yesterday I just talked to one of our new engineers. He found a way to port Deepin to ARM8. I simply missed to tell you as you were in meetings cos of talks for new employees.


Excellent news!!
Finally, my long time developed ARM special boot manager will be a fine contribution to this. One could easily choose between several installations to boot in, even to an OTG connected iso. I will push it to github shortly.

Is it April Fool’s joke?

No. This is real. Here a pic from our new office in Munich.


No, ARM is the future of computing, every year about 1 billion of ARM powered devices being sold and it’s increasing

Yes, is a more big project … equal the concept of apple to use i-phone how pc … in the future for use a pc you only need a monitor and hub-usb then you insert the phone in the dock and you have manjaro how pc :wink:


Good, I hope I will have a good one when transfering to IBM office in Milan, now I’m working from home.

Well, it would be not bad for you to provide a migration instruction for inexperienced users to the ArchLinux or another similar distribution.

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