Phasing out x86 architecture support in general

Due to the raise of interest on ARM technology among the developers and the community, we have decided to phase out the support of x86 architecture.

The decision means, that with the upcoming release of Manjaro v17.1 Hakoila we will only support ARM powered CPUs from then on. The next 6 months will be considered as the deprecation period, during which i686 and x86_64 will be still receiving upgraded packages. Starting from October 2017, packaging and repository tools will no longer require that from maintainers, effectively making i686 and x86_64 unsupported.

We had a long discussion with our sister project Manjaro-ARM, after they announced their shutdown. A hardware vendor luckly stepped up to provide our core development team with the needed hardware. This enables us to start developing more efficient and make this even possible.

Therefore we are glad to have the opportunity to keep the Manjaro-ARM project alive and concentrate mostly on this project as our main goal. We decided to support mainly ARM7 and ARM8 technologies, as those are the main processors our new main sponsor uses currently in their production use cases. With Plasma-Mobile also in mind, we will soon provide our simplicity concept to you also on mobile devices like tablets or phones.

We all hope our community will understand this decision and will spread the word to everyone who may not yet found out about the Manjaro project.

kind regards

Philip MĂĽller and the Manjaro Development Team



already ordered my strawberry pie 4 :strawberry:

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Now, this is actually a sad news! I thought, it has been announced just today, but it hasn’t… :frowning:

This might be a obvious to some but to me its not.

Since I don’t expect Manjaro to totally skip the Intel platform :slight_smile:

I know i686 is 32-bit architecture and this is greyhaired hardware.

Could someone help me understand the difference between x86_64 and x64?

There is none. :slight_smile:

So Manjaro goes from a pc platform to a mobile platform?

Just for today, I hope.


Well, Bernhard and I met with the hardware vendor last month in Munich to create the deal. We will provide support for Phablets, Phones, small ARM boxes on which we ship a common designed DE based on QT5.

With x86 technology we always had the issue to support such a wide range of devices. Given the fact that our new main sponsor asked us to port our simplicity concept to one of his already used products and gave us the opportunity to even design and construct our own devices we found an agreement in the end.

This brings also personally our team more closer.


Not exactly what you would call mobile if you ask me:


Got a lot of arm devices - so probably be around but my main boxes are Intel based so as such I have to switch to pure Arch.

For the team I am happy they may even make a living of Manjaro :slight_smile: though it require them to concentrate on ARM. I look forward to see the concept :slight_smile:

Can we know which vendor we should support :slight_smile: ?

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Philip writes

For my x86 boxes I will migrate to which needs less maintanance. Antergos seems a good choice since I don’t want to install Arch manually.

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I read the announcement 10 times… then I realized… :joy:


Frede, please read up the Staff memo you find in our Staff section. Since we launch in October and we keep our philosophy not to announce anything before production launch, we only communicate it internally in our meetings. You may visit our headquarters in Munich some time. Then we can also discuss further details if you like.


Yessss unfortunally gnome edition comes out in the wrong period… the 17.0.1 is the last edition … after will be maintained by volunteers :sweat:

You need to fix this bug then as soon as possible


I heard a rumor that the hardware company will be going out of business shortly…


It needs to be mentioned that this kind of progress would not be possible without all the generous donation by our communty. As we see here the money is not wasted on Manjaro. I’m gonna donate some more this month.


I’m glad to announce that I have joined IBM this week as assistant software engineer to porting Manjaro to the upcoming POWER9 architecture, which will avaible later this year.

More Info about:

It is expected to port packages-core by the and of May and to boot a complete graphical enviroment on real hardware by September.

As you may know IBM’s System Z is supported by Suse, Ubuntu and Red Hat. Since Power9 is a new architecture they have decided to avoid errors made in the past like get stuck with fixed release OS and switch to a more user friendly software and scalable OS like Manjaro.

Someone may also rembember the Talos Workstation but this is on a superior level, Talos was planned by an inexperienced and poorly funded startup while IBM does real things.

by the way, backporting to older architectures in not on the roadmap, so if you have a Power7 or Power8 system it will not be supported.


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