Permissions for external drive

I just noticed I don’t have privileges to my external ssd it says only root can make changes, I wanted to make a folder and the create new option is grayed out… how do I change it so that I can use it without being root? I’m surprised I can’t make changes since I used timeshift on it a few days ago (maybe timeshift uses root idk I’m not smart)

Take ownership of that partition if is any linux filesystem: ext4, ext3, ext2 or btrfs, xfs, zfs.

some like:
sudo chown -R $USER:%USER /run/media/youruser/mountpoint

This also should help

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Yesss thanks, although I put $USER:$USER… %USER gave me an error

Do however note that this will not persist across reboots, because /run is a tmpfs ─ it exists in virtual memory only.

A better approach would be to give the filesystem in question its own dedicated mountpoint ─ if it only contains data belonging to a single user, then a mountpoint under the user’s ${HOME} would be advisable ─ by adding an entry for said filesystem in /etc/fstab; something along the lines of… :arrow_down:

UUID=some-long-string   /home/your-user-name/External  ext4   defaults,noauto,nofail,nodev     0   0

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