Perl package stability



Somehow, I don’t get how to make use of hooks in this case. As far as I understand, they only can be triggered if the package itself is updated. What is needed here, however, is that something happens, when Perl itself is updated, which I have no control over…


You can specify the package you want in the hook…
I’m just not sure it’s “safe” to build AUR package as i think the hook command will be lunched as root. But to advertise user that a package should be rebuilt should not pose problem

The hook will be part of the package… but it can be triggered by another package.

Hooks are installed in /usr/share/libalpm/hooks/

if you look at the 99-grub.hook that is part of grub package you can see that it will be triggered when a kernel is installed, removed or upgraded to call update-grub.


Ah, that’s interesting! Actually, I cannot find the grub hook file on my machine, but Perl itself has a hook which warns the user about outdated modules, it calls this script: Now, the interesting part is, can there be a hook in AUR packages which leads to rebuilding them when Perl is updated… I guess, I will experiment with this as soon as I have some spare time, thanks for the hint again!


You shouldn’t be rebuilding packages as root, and even if you try makepkg will complain and prevent you from doing it. :wink:


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