Hi folks,

Thanks for continuation of Manjaro X32. We are preparing a special TuxnVape Manjaro i686 openbox. This package is outdated (0.13) the last version is 0.25-1 (present in regular manjaro 64 repository). Can you update it ?

Thanks for your work


@Elrondo46: Manjaro-32 has always a delay. Also this package is from the AUR. However, seems we ship it in our overlay in extra …


Yeah Phil and it is fully functionnal in 64 bits edition. Just 32bits repos are not updated. And I can’t generate a fully functionnal 32 bits ISO actually. I know there is a delay but there is, actually in 32 bit repository an “assimetric state” between obmenu-generator (recent version) and its dependency perl-linux-desktopfiles (older version).


This sort of thing should go here:

However. :slight_smile:

For this particular package, the files on GitHub don’t have the current pkgrel, and as the package I build for manjaro32 is based on these, that’s why it’s out-of-date.

Let me update the PKGBUILD and rebuild the package. It will be in x32-unstable shortly.


Thank you very much


OK, it’s rebuilt and in x32-unstable. It should be on mirrors shortly and work its way through the branches in due course.

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