Perl-html-mason packages is missing



For some reason, perl-html-mason package is missing. Does anybody know why?
Manjaro Linux 18.0.2, Xfce


It’s not in Arch Linux, so why do you think it should be in Manjaro?


But there is package perl-catalyst-view-mason, having perl-html-mason as dependency.
Not that I would need perl-catalyst-view-mason, but I need perl-html-mason :slight_smile:


Yeah. That package has not been updated in almost 4 years.
I guess nothing else needed perl-html-mason so it got removed.

If you need that package, your best bet is to create your own PKGBUILD so you can build it for Arch/Manjaro.
What would you need that package for btw? :slight_smile:


I have got here MASON components where I have to extract text messages (calls to lexicon) from. So I compile those components to Perl using HTML::Mason::Compiler object and then I use xgettext to extract the messages.


For long time I used openSuse and Linux Mint for this purpose. Now I switched my virtual machine to Manjaro Linux and unfortunately I realized, that it is not possible anymore :frowning:


Yeah. I think your best bet is to mainatin your own PKGBUILD for this package.
It probably won’t be added to Manjaro repo’s, since it seems like a fairly niche use case. :slight_smile:


It’s a good use of the AUR though.