Periodically, program window can get dimmer

Hello, everyone, glad to be here.

I have been using manjaro for a while, it works fine. But recently I have run into a problem. Sometimes a program window can get dimmer, especially chromium. it looks like this:

Screen area other than program window is brighter.

I have no idea what went wrong, but I noticed that oftentimes it happens after a chain of right-clicking save-as.

What could be the cause? Thanks.

System info:

Do you happen to have the “dim inactive windows” effect enabled?

I checked it out that the option is unchecked.


Wow, my gosh, it could be this option’s fault. let’s uncheck it and have a see :—).

Thanks for the clue.

Could it be that when a program’s main window opens a dialog, the main window becomes inactive. When the dialog is closed, it becomes active again.

So there’s a switch to and fro in between.

But sometimes it might go out of order. :slight_smile: Anyway, i’ll try it out.

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