Performance on Gnome 44.0

I use Manjaro Gnome all day everyday.

That said. I wanted to try out Gnome 44.0 since it was the latest out.
I installed Ubuntu 23.04 “real hardware”.
First thing is… it was slower & used more memory & frame rate for some of my games were dipping by alot.

Then i noticed that Fedora 38 had Gnome 44.0 i wanted to see if it was the same on that, & it was… to a update hit on Fedora 38. They updated Gnome 44.0 to 44.1 the newest version with all the fixes that The Gnome community fixed. Like memory leaks & other stuff. Everything ran better on 44.1 version than 44.0 version.

So going forth. Skip Gnome 44.0 all together & use 44.1 or a newer better version when yous get around to it.

I don’t know if i posted this in the right section. I haven’t used a online forum since 2011. & just wanted to let yous know.

I only use Wayland.


Arch, and by extension Manjaro, already does this.

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I did not know that.
Thank you.

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