Performance Issues possibly due to CPU settings resetting on boot

Dear Manjaro Forum,

It appears my laptop is suffering declined performance, especially when handling video playback (example: YouTube videos) and even when using SSH to access remote VPSes. Networking/routing issues can be ruled out as a Windows laptop in the same WiFi has no lag on watching videos or SSH into a remote host.
Related to this may be that any changes to CPU like min/max frequency, current frequency and governer appear to be resetted on rebooting. Manually changing such settings manually occur, but trying to run systemd service scripts at start up did not work due to permission issues. The processor is: AMD A12-9720P RADEON R7 12 COMPUTE CORES 4C+8G

Output of: inxi -Fxz cannot be pasted as the forums give the response I cannot paste links.

Apologies if things may not be formatted properly, this is my first time using these forums.

Thank You very much for Your time and effort in advance.

You should be able to set those in TLP service (manually, in /etc/tlp.conf, or through a GUI, after installing tlpui).

Thank you for the reply, the tlpui package was indeed missing on my system. This has somewhat remedied my issues with video playback (e.g. on youtube), although performance on SSH is still beneath low-par. I can access the remote VPS’es instantly from other devices using the same wifi network, and the Manjaro laptop needs so long, that SSH actually times out occasionally, and the lag in a remote shell is so strong that it at times takes several seconds to recognize 5 keystrokes, if not longer. Any idea what I can try to do to improve speed over SSH?

Any suggestions/ideas are highly appreciated.

Other than turning off radio power savings, I have no idea.