Pecularity with USB

I have been trying to instal manjaro for 8 hours now.
The USB works on my main computer, where I don't want to install it.
The USB works inside kubunto on my laptop, where it is useless.
However, when I go to BIOS, the USB is nowhere to be found.
I have enabled all usb supports and have switched the boot to go with EIF or whatever first.
I have checked to see if I have burned the ISO right, I did.
I have checked to see if USB had any problems, it didn't.
I have searched google to see if anyone has my problem, one person did, and they never got a proper answer.
This is the last ditch effort, as my name implies.

Use another USB drive. It happens that some can't do the job..


Is it a Gigabyte mobo. Perhaps you are one of the many unfortunates who purchased their mobos with bad USB and LAN.

That (iommu problem) only affects post boot. He should still be able to see his USB in BIOS boot menu.

When you say BIOS are you referring to the alternate 'device boot menu' available immediately after power on, or have you actually gone into the BIOS?


Do other bootable USB devices show up?

You could also try one of the 18.1.0 "dev" images to see if any recent changes have "fixed" the issue.

What exactly are expecting to see regarding USB in the BIOS?

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