PDF edit size and convert other document types to pdf


I need a software that can reduce pdf size and convert other types of documents in to pdfs for manjaro.

Im using manjaro KDE.

Perhaps have a look at pdfsam.
Though, the ‘reduce size’ functionality might be part of the non-free version.
At least they offer a 14days trial, so you can check.

Hi. you can check masterpdfeditor and masterpdfeditor-free from AUR.
Also calibre has a lot of options to convert document formats.

Please forgive my non-free recommendation, but in case you want that flavor:

I cannot recommend any higher the PDF Studio app by Qoppa.

I have used it for years in many OS’s and it fits our needs.
No affiliation with company. Just like it.

Good luck!

Unfortunately, Qoppa PDF Studio only works with scanners directly connected to the computer.

If you are using a scanner over your network, you either get broken pipe or Unknown SANE error status = -16843009 while trying to access your scanner.
Of course, the scanner works with xsane or Master PDF Editor so I assume it is configured correctly.

Qoppa PDF Studio seems to require a local saned server running which then shares the attached scanner(s). Unfortunately, sharing scanners connected via Ethernet, is disabled in sane.

I still have to recommend it. It is unfortunate that scanning is not working for you. I have not tried much there, but as a PDF viewer, Editor, Stamper, Etc… I am still very, very impressed.

Good luck to you. I hope you get it to work or Qoppa will support you finding options. I can tell you they have responded well to my few support issues.

Indeed, I thank you for the recommendation. This program looks promising, and finally, I was also able to get the scanner working: Sane: Share scanners via Network?

All of these apps are available on AUR or Manjaro repos :






Did you find one that solved well your Opening Post?

I would like to know if there are better options than my recommendation, especially after I mentioned that Qoppa / PDF Studio is a paid, proprietary app!

I am starting to I stall it on some Chromebooks as a Linus app, so if there are better options for friends and family which I should recommend, please share what you have experienced in your quest!

  • For optimizing and compressing PDF Tricks do a good job.
  • To rearrange, split, rotate, shuffle, resize, merge… jpdftweak (which I use), PDFSam basic (free), PDF chain do the job.
  • For editing the content of pdfs you can use Master PDF editor v4.3.89 (only this version on Linux) completely free for personal use, you can also use Scribus and Inkscape to edit pdfs.
  • To verify the pdf standard PDF/A-x you can use VeraPDF.
  • To sign a PDF you can use JSignPDF or LibreOffice.
  • To view pdfs and annotate them you can use Okular.