Pcmanfm does not show correct color information even more

I use i3-manjaro all the time, but today I tried to use plasma manager, and then back to i3. I found that the color and font information of Pcmanfm did change to be yellow.

The original color of Pcmanfm should be closely green, like the screenshot from the Internet, but how it shows to be yellow.
So, how can I solve this problem? Where is the configure file of Pacmanfm about color ?

There is no config file for pcmanfm to change colors. It uses the themes of the toolkits of QT or GTK. Have to be a problem with the themes of KDE then.

Always recommend when installing a new DE: Always use one User for one DE. If you use 1 User with 2 different DEs, then the files will conflict or overwritten, as you can see now.



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Now, is there any solution to overcome this issue? My Pcmanfm is very ugly and strange. I want to use the original config of Manjaro-i3.

I am not using KDE, but there must be some theme configs related to KDE/Plasma in