PCIe USB Controller Recommendations?

Im just set up a win10 kvm install on my manjaro running workstations. Everything works great.

I need the win10 system for some special USB Devices that wont work in Linux, sadly my host has only one usb controller but i want to pass through a whole controller so i have full hotplug compatiblity in my guest os.

Can someone recommend a PCIe USB 3.0 compatible Controller Card? (German/EU Shop)?
There are a lot of options on amazon and other stores but i read on the arch wiki that i should look for a controller that supports proper resetting so i can shutdown and restart the vm.
2 USBPorts would, i can alway use a hub, a card that wont need any additional power delivery (molex, sata) would be great (i have a powered hub but no spare power connectors in my system).