PC reboots instead of shutting down after installing NVIDIA graphics card

I was using my PC with integrated Intel graphics and all behaviour was normal. I installed an NVIDIA 3080 and even before installing the nonfree drivers, both my Manjaro and my Ubuntu installs now fail to shutdown the system. Every shutdown, including sudo systemctl poweroff ends with briefly displaying reboot: shutdown, and then rebooting.

Pastebin to journalctl -b -1 is here: https://pastebin.com/HzMXW2ah

I know this is not directly a Manjaro issue considering its replicable on Ubuntu with the same 5.15 kernel, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @n-hass,

From what I can see in that log there, it all looks good. And since it started after you installed some hardware, I’d say it’s hardware-related and advise you to double-check your BIO/UEFI/whateveryouwannacallit.

Hope this he elps!

Hi, thanks for the tip. Would I be looking for anything else beside disabling WoL?
I notice that the final reboot: shudown message isn’t being shown by the journalctl log output.

Could it also be an issue with a process not terminating correctly? The reboot message is being thrown as the final message after systemd-journald: journal stoppped, which explains why it isn’t being logged but it is definitely displayed at every shutdown/power off. If this is BIOS related, what else could it be?

Look for APM Settings.:

BIOS → Advanced → APM

Restore AC Power Loss
Power on by PCIE
Power on by RTC

Interesting. The only Power On event I had was USB, which I had set myself. I have an MSI motherboard, so setting Advanced > Wake Up Events > Resume by USB Device = Disabled has fixed the issue. My wake up events are set to be controlled by the BIOS not OS and Windows does not have this reboot problem, so I’m confused how this setting is creating this behaviour in Linux.

I can leave the setting on and physically disconnect all my USB devices and the PC will stay shut down, but again, there’s no need to do this in Windows so it is obviously a strange interaction between Linux and my BIOS.

Thanks for the help!

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