PC randomly goes to sleep

After an upgrade, I think in late september, my manjaro laptop (xfce) has changed behavior in two ways.

  1. Sometimes it goes into standby (suspend to ram) after some time (5-15 minutes) of inactivity, even thou my power settings tells it not to do so. Sometimes it does not go into standby. My power settings tells it to go into hibernate (suspend to disk) after 59 minutes. Whenever the laptop decides to go into standby, it does not hibernate after the set time. Several times I’ve experienced that it has gone into standby, ran out of battery, and my work is lost. Before September it would run for 59 minutes (or until battery gets low), then hibernate. This is what it still does those times when it does not jump into standby before hibernate is triggered. It seems completely random if it decides to do the standby thing, or respect the settings in power manager.
    My laptop consumes more battery in standby than when running at lowest screen brightness, so going into standby is a really bad thing (unless a process is stuck at 100% cpu). Is there anything I could do to make it respect the power manager settings every time, as it did before the September update?

  2. When playing music using Audacious, and my session is locked, the music finishes the current song, but does not move on to the next song in the playlist. (My power settings tells it to lock the session after 5 minutes of inactivity. But the same thing happens if I manually lock the session.) I guess this is a setting. Does anyone know where it could be?

Am I alone with this issue?

I am not sure but on one of my laptops that has its lid closed 24/7 I noticed a similar behaviour that it is suddenly in standby when I’m gone for maybe 5 or 10 minutes…

Did you investigate anything? I don’t know where to look. I’m on the i3 community edition.