PC hard frozen with no responce

I was watching the Office on amazon prime video, when they screen went black, sound cut off, and did not respond to any mouse or keyboard action.
The screen remained black, didn’t say lost connection, so it must still be on, just not responding.
What possible variables have caused this?
Or, is this something too many possibilities and need a checklist to go through?
Thank you for your time.

I’d say hardware failure, but this is a wild guess.
I’d rule out RAM saturation, since that shouldn’t cause the screen to go black – at least not instantly, rather after a long freeze.

If it is a monitor with integrated speakers, and you use these, it may be the monitor itself.

Thanks for your input
The monitor doesn’t have built in speakers, I use a soundbar.
If it is hardware related, I guess I’ll have to check each component.
For software, would you recommend a disk check?
Thanks again

We’d first need your system information.


Gentle shut down a suddenly hanged PC to minimize a chance of getting a broken filesystem and data loss: