Pause boot process / splash screen

Hi, is there some way how to pause splash screen during boot?

I’ve tried to make some internet research, but nothing works - like pause/break button, scroll lock button… Maybe it must be enabled some how, but I don’t know how…


No, there is no way to do that.

The long version:

Back in the single-core, single-user, single-tasking era of CP/M and MS-DOS, it was easy to stop the boot process by putting a PAUSE in the startup script, but in the current era of multi-core, multi-user, multi-tasking this is not possible any more.

The boot process fires off a number of parallel tasks on multiple cores to ensure the boot process is finished as soon as possible, so pausing the boot process would be terribly complicated, so therefore this functionality doesn’t exist.

So what should you do then, you ask?

Well, that’s easy: once you’ve fully booted, you can just look at the boot processes output by using the journalctl CLI:

journalctl --boot=0 --system --priority=2


  • --boot=0
    Will look at the current boot only:
    • -1 looks at the previous boot,
    • -2 looks at 2 boots ago, …
  • --system
    Show messages from system services and the kernel only
  • --priority=2
    Filter output by message priorities or priority ranges:
    • “emerg” (0),
    • “alert” (1),
    • “crit” (2),
    • “err” (3),
    • “warning” (4),
    • “notice” (5),
    • “info” (6),
    • “debug” (7)

for more information: man journalctl


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Hi, thank you for explaining answer! Thats what I need :slight_smile:

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