[Patch] @philm patch for ALC294 issues is available


@philm see this comment from LP:

Alban Boissard (albatas) wrote 1 hour ago: #36

sorry for my poor english, I am french.

A had exactly the same issue with a ASUS Zenbook UX433, and I fund a solution.

The issue comes from the Kernel part of the Alsa drivers.

Daniel Drake and Jian-Hong Pan provided a patch in the alsa mailing list to fix this issue for UX533/UX433 laptop (and maybe other Asus models) :

This patch is not in the current kernel, nor in 4.20rc tree as far I can see.
Fortunatly, you can find a patched version of the files in :
(A nice, easy to use linux distro)

What I did :

  • clone official Kernel source repo (4.19-7 in my case)
  • clone endless Os repo
  • Copy the “sound” folder from endless tree to official kernel tree.
  • Compile the “no more official” Kernel.
    (I followed this tuto : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernel/Traditional_compilation because I use Manjaro, based on Arch) You have to find an appropriate tuto for Ubuntu. It was the firt time I compile a kernel.)
  • Use this kernel : the sound work perfectly.

Note : I’m absolutly not a linux expert, it maybe exists a better way to use the patch than recompile the kernel.

Please consider backport patch for ASUS audio issues to upcomming Manjaro release ISO’s. Thanks.



I’m Alban Boissard, and just searching where in the forum to post this info !
Thank you FadeMind for reporting.
If you need more info you can ask me.


We need to wait for feedback from Philip. Regards


I’m working on it at v4.19.7-2