Password stopped working

There’s been a few posts about this I’ve seen but none of them solve my problem. I was trying to build something using pamac build, and it asked for my password to continue. I entered my password (I use the same password for root or normal/ for all accounts) and it didn’t work. I can still log in after restarts etc, but I cannot do anything that requires my password in command line. It happened out of nowhere, this is a fresh install and I installed very few things. I’m very new to Manjaro, and I was running it on a VM to test it out before installing on a laptop. Anything I can do to troubleshoot?

I experienced the same issue, my password stoped working out of the blue. It did not matter where I used it , it was always complain it was wrong. But the problem disappeared after I rebooted my system. Make sure your VM clean reboots the OS, maybe that helps.

This bug is such a vagrant. I’m quite interested in knowing the cause and solution.

I’ve only seen Manjaro users suffer of it so far as well.