Password not working after fresh install

Not much to say about it, ive set the password to 4 digits and it doesnt work, it cant be wrong cause i typed it like 2 times before i proceeded further, although i didnt set any password for the user, only for the administrator, is that my problem or what? pls help i dont want to install another linux… I’m using linux for my parents computer, and so its only for surfing the internet and shopping online so nothing special.

Is there a way to reset it OTHER than reinstalling linux? ;-;

Hi and welcome. If you are trying to log in as a user with no password set, then you don’t need to type a password for that username. If you have set a password for the administrator (root?) account, then you only need to type that password when logging in as root (e.g. when typing root as the username when trying to log in). Does that help, or have I misunderstood the issue?

lemme test it real quick, im really new to linuxes so sorry for any inconveniences or something

omg it worked, didn’t know that XDD tyvm man u saved me

No problem at all. It can be confusing when using a new operating system, as some of the terms and practices learnt from others might not necessarily be the same. Enjoy your new Manjaro installation!

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