Password not recognized after 1st wrong attempt

Hello, first time posting although I have faced this error for some time now.
Whenever I am installing something via terminal and it requires my sudo password, if I get the first attempt incorrect the following two attempts are always considered incorrect even if I input the right password. Normally I would just ignore the error and begin again the installation process, but I am trying to install an Oracle VM extension pack and the script submits the first password attempt blank, which makes it impossible for me to not get my password wrong the first time.
Thanks in advance!

@irlalmeida Last November I had similar issue with one laptop (HP EliteBook 8530p) running Manjaro 20.1.1, but this did not take place on 2 other PC with the same Manjaro version and kernel installed from the same USB-stick. Tried several different ways to fix with help from Manjaro team, but failed; The only thing what solved the problem was this: I downloaded latest iso and installed it (in my case at that time it was manjaro-gnome-20.1.2-linux58). Since new installation no more this problem. Reason of this phenomena remained unclear.

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If you are installing the extension pack manually - you must use root password.

If you did like many do - using the passwd for the first user also for root - I suggest you change your root password to be different - still memorable though.

Another option is to use pamac to build the package from AUR

pamac build virtualbox-ext-oracle