Password for sudo/root fails sometimes

Every now and then, maybe every 2 months, entering the password — correctly — will just not work. “sorry, try again.”
No amount of rebooting, attempting, or breaking **it will work.
Only solution I know so far is just to wait and magic sorts it soon enough. It’s overly infuriating.
Out side of caps lock and not spelling it right, or messed up keyboard layout, what could be causing this?

Only these things. Observed behavior is completely normal when you type a bad password several times. By default, after 3 wrong types you are locked for 10 minutes. You can change this in /etc/security/faillock.conf file – set deny = 0 to disable account locking.

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NumLock :rofl:

i dont have a lockout setting enabled. thank goodness for that i suppose.
works now, didnt 1 hour ago. no reason that i can explain