Password for performing updates

When I enter my root password to run the updates it is NOT accepted …
When I enter the user password then it IS successful to run the updates?

Is this common that you only need to enter a user password when authenticating when running updates or installing a program ?

I have entered a root password though…

Would like clarification on this.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, sudo or polkit will always ask for the user password. Root has its own account and have full access on everything.

This asks for the root password:

su && whoami && exit

This asks for the user password:

sudo su && whoami && exit

(but only if the user is in the wheel group)

This way you have only temporary root access for only one task and not the whole time. And distinction between the real root and fakeroot (sudo), ensure more security.

Thanks for the clarification. Now I know why it only asks for the user password.


I’ve marked the post above as the solution. Know that you can also do it yourself, making a topic showing as solved. :wink:

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